Taraja Project ~ Our Featured Project This Fall

Restoring lost hope…
to abandoned street boys.

Taraja Home (just outside of Nairobi) is a social outreach program and transitional orphanage of Kenya Youth for Christ for abandoned street boys (8-18 years). Taraja Home staff counsel and rehabilitate them so they can be placed in boarding schools or vocational schools, coach them in life skills, seek to reconcile them with families or relatives in their home communities, and restore hope through care and the love of Jesus Christ.

Taraja Project is a sponsorship program (under how101) for these boys, which helps cover costs of education and care. Taraja Project is facilitated by how101 volunteers in the U.S. by finding sponsors and assisting to fund sustainable income projects for Taraja.

We are raising funds to help Taraja Home!  The cost of the greenhouse (including a fence around it) is: $5400.00.

If you can help, mail a check to: how101, 23990 E. Arizona Place, Aurora, CO 80018 with Taraja in the memo.


100_8317 grn hse outside Nov 13
Taraja Greenhouse built in 2012….

100_8334 layers of erosion Nov 13 (1)
Erosion has washed away many layers of soil.

A small team has been formed and wants to help construct a second greenhouse on Taraja Home land. While they face many challenges, a second greenhouse will allow them to stagger crops to help with self-sustaining income. 

The proposed greenhouse is quite large and high quality to stand up against harsh African winds and weather. However, the land is shifting due to drought and winds.

An important factor is returning to encourage these boys, who have had horrific circumstances, but are working hard to hang on to hope! We believe in every one of them and it is a joy to spend time living with them – there is truly something to be learned from everyone and they are no exception.

Taraja Baseball
Learning the basics of baseball…a first!

Jerry and Michael _Taraja (1)
Jerry and Michael…a little encouragement goes a long way.

DSC00114 (800x600)
Yes, women can help gather wood too…with Teresa Spurlock.

Listen to a few words from the heart of the director of Taraja Home, Robert.


$50/month sponsors one boy at Taraja home, providing boarding school fees, counseling and loving care. 

You can make a difference in the life of a young man in Kenya. 

“…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me…”
Matthew 25:40 

Contact us at tarajaproject@gmail.com  or call Teresa at 303.903.4714  to consider sponsoring a boy today!

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